• Water Leak detection & repair


We are specialists in leak detection and repair with years of experience in the business.
Our leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks without causing major damage to the existing structure and fabric of the Building.

Under the Water Services Acts, homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all pipework in their home and on their property. Irish Water is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the water mains network.
When a leak occurs in your home or within your property limits, you are responsible for getting the leak repaired.

There is usually an inside stop valve within your home. It is generally located under the kitchen sink. This can be used to turn off the water supply.

Firstly, you will need to be present at the property to give the repair contractor access to the inside stop valve in your home.
Leak repair works may require some excavations/digging works at your property and may cause restricted access to your driveway and the road or footpath outside your property.
The water supply to your property will probably be shut off for the duration of the leak repair works.