Leak Detection

Water leak detection and repair services

Commercial Water Leak Detection & Repair Services for the West of Ireland.
We do not offer domestic water leak detection services.
Have you noticed an increase in the water you are using.?
You may have a water leak.
As part of our water leak detection & repair service we try to quantify the size of the leak. We can do this if you have a water meter installed. All commercial premises currently have a water meter fitted. In future we will be able to quantify domestic leaks as each house will be serviced with a meter.
There are a number of warning signs that you have a leak :
the county council informed you that your water usage is abnormally high.
you may be using a lot of water outside your business hours.
Those are signs that you may have a water leak.
The water leak detection service we offer quickly and accurately pinpoint problems at a reasonable cost. The sooner you find the leak, the more money you save. Otherwise, the water bill is getting larger and larger. Otherwise Some of our clients have spent a long time searching for the cause of a leak before they have asked us to come in and find it – this has cost them man hours, and in the meantime their water bill is getting large.
When the water leak is repaired you will be issued with a report which can be used when claiming off insurance for damage caused by the leak and the cost of finding/fixing it.
All water leak detection work and repair to leaking pipes can be covered by your house or property insurance.