Water Audits from Water Leaks Reapir

A Water Audit saves money.
Has your water bill climbed steadily over the last couple of years but your usage is the same as a few years ago? Our water audit service can help. This is an in-depth analysis of your water consumption, which really helps you to save you money on your water rates.
How does a water audit work?
This is carried out by logging your Irish water meter and any internal or sub meters.
The information gathered will show how much water you are using and in what areas.
Leakage amounts will be determined by the flow rate through the meter at night or when the premises are empty.

A report will be presented to you displaying a water usage graph. From this we can tell you what percentage of the water coming into the premises is genuine usage and how much is leakage. Often with a small water leak on a domestic house the leakage level will be over 50% of the volume through the water meter.

With the rate of leakage quantified we can then work out how much this can cost you per day or per year. This gives you the information to make cost benefit analysis of paying for the leak versus finding and fixing it.

A professional water audit plan is designed to help our customers make dramatic reductions in their water bills. We have devised a methodical process that presents the customers with concrete, compelling facts about projected savings.
Data Logging of Water Meters
As part of the audit, an SES engineer will log a premises’ water meter using specialised data logging equipment.
Water data loggers measure water flow throughout the day and night. By analysing the data we collect, we can determine if there are any abnormalities in water usage which could potentially be caused by a water leak. From this information an accurate water usage profile can be established.
This water profile helps to identify where and when water savings can be made. SES have created a six-stage water and energy plan to look at the areas clients are most concerned with making savings on. A trained engineer will identify areas that would most benefit from the introduction of water and energy saving products.
Based on visual inspections and measured data, the results of the audit will be available to the client, along with as-built drawings. A list of proposed changes will finally be compiled which will help the client reduce water costs immediately.